Christian Spiritualists

The Christian Spiritualist



There is a difference between the Christian Spiritualist and the Spiritualist. The Christian Spiritualist accepts the teachings and example that was demonstrated by Jesus the Christ.

There are several governing organisations that represent Christian Spiritualism. The Christian Spiritualist Society International , a registered charity , produces the information contained in this leaflet. The Society has ordained Ministers and the subsidiary charity , namely the Healer Practitioner Association International , has registered Spiritual Healers and Spiritual Healer / Counsellors. Some Ministers would be Healer or Healer / Counsellors.



A patient may request to see a Minister before an operation for prayers to be said and or to receive Holy Communion.
A patient may wish to receive Spiritual Healing and for Absent or Distant Healing to be directed to him / her.

A Minister may be asked to conduct naming / Christenings , Holy Communion and Weddings.
A Minister may be called to offer counselling and or comfort to the patient who may feel some kind of spiritual distress


The Christian Spiritualist patient would not have any dietary restriction imposed upon him / her by his / her religion.
Individual has the right to choose to follow a specific diet , for example , vegetarianism. A diet imposed due to a medical condition , such as diabetes mellitus.


All Spiritualist believe in an after life and that communion is possible with loved ones who have gone hence.

The family may request prayers at the bedside.

The family may wish to speak to a Minister.

The patient may wish to discuss a matter with a Minister , in order to seek forgiveness for a wrongdoing.

Christening / naming of infants in danger of dying should be offered.


There are no objections on religious grounds.

Information regarding Minister and Healers / Healer Counsellors are held centrally at the organisation's headquarters . Telephone as below. Thy touch has still its ancient power




We believe in;-

The Fatherhood of God The Brotherhood of All Life

We teach that:-

Each individual is personally responsible for all actions, deeds, be they good or bad. That any wrongdoing can only be corrected by the individual concerned. That eternal Progress is open to every soul.

We accept the:-

Teachings and example which were demonstrated by Jesus the Christ .That we will at all times try to live by that example.

We know that:-

Communion with the Spirit World is possible. That Spirit Teachers and Healers return to the Earth conditions to provide help for those who stand in need.