The Society shall appoint and ordain suitable persons to represent the Society as Minister, and they shall be expected to undertake the duties normally performed by Ministers of religion, be it in a Church they normally attend or any Church affiliated to the Society, but not excluding a non-affiliated Church if a request is made, and such a request is acceptable to both parties.

    Before becoming a Minister, the individual must: -

    1. Hold the Certificate and Diploma awarded by the Society, or another organisation, with similar beliefs as the Society.

    2. Is already a Minister within another organisation with similar beliefs as the Society and is wishing to make application to transfer.

    3. By virtue of years of service within the Christian Spiritualist religion and is of a standard exceptable to the Society.

    Whichever method is used the Society must be satisfied that the individual is suitable to become a Minister. In addition, the Society will determine from time to time, the length of time between granting the Certificate and Diploma and making application to become a Minister.


    The Society will acknowledge applications from individuals who are speakers within the Christian Spiritualist religion. An individual making a request to be considered by the Society to become a Minister will be sent an application form, provided that such an individual satisfies the conditions laid down in Section 2 (h) herein.

    Upon receipt of the completed application form the Society will make the necessary enquiries about the applicant and proceed to arrange for the applicant to be interviewed and possibly to be observed conducting a service. For this purpose a panel of three people would be formed by the Chairman of the Society. These three people must be capable by virtue of knowledge and experience to determine if the applicant is suitable to be appointed and ordained as a Minister. Following consideration by the panel, the applicant will be informed as to the decision in writing by the Chairman of the Society.

    All documentation, including references must be held in confidence by the panel.

    The Society will reserve the right to refuse an application, that decision being final and binding. On approving an applicant the Society will have given due consideration to the responsibility that is placed upon that person due to be appointed and ordained.


    The ordination of a Minister may take place in a Church of the applicants' choice.


    1. Application Forms to include a request for a character reference in addition to the usual references.

    2. The criminal record questionnaire to be completed by applicants.

    3. Every Minister must be insured by the Society's block scheme.

    4. Every Minister must hold a valid British Passport, to qualify to sign passport application forms when requested to do so by an individual.

    5. Potential Ministers must have completed the Bereavement course run by the Society.

    6. Regional Ministers have been introduced and they will be Mentors to the would be Minister

    7. Models of Learning must be completed, on Christening/Baptism, Marriage Laws, and Funeral Services.


    Ministers must be conscious of their appearance when conducting services. Members of congregations have made comments regarding casual dress.

    Ministers hold a professional indemnity Insurance